Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Did You Sow a Kind Seed Today?

When was the last time that you did a kind deed
for someone? Did you feel good knowing that you helped to brighten that person's day?

Contemporary preachers would summarize this action as sowing kind seeds. Who knows what might happen as a result of your benevolence today?

This feature was inherent in the story entitled A Call To Love written by author Rebecca Sundberg. It is based
on the main character Maddy who is
a devout Christian. Regularly, she
Timexextended genuine compassion
towards others.

I completed this review on 17 June 2014.
This is what Ms. Sundberg had to say about my review:-
"a very well written review that was positive and clearly interpreted the message I was trying to portray. I liked that the reviewer was able to relate it to their own experience as well."

Here is my synopsis of A Call To Love:-

A Call to Love is a refreshing story surrounding Maddy, a devout Christian who was in love with God and sought to do his bidding.  Maddy’s overall influence in the town of Hendersly was phenomenal.  Maddy’s Christian outreach extended to anyone God lay upon her heart.  This concept of sowing the proverbial seed even surprised Maddy herself!  For example, Maddy had befriended Lori and felt that she should purchase a dryer for her to assist with the laundry.  After doing so, Lori’s son Derek unexpectedly and deliberately broke one of Maddy’s windows with a rock. Maddy saw the act being carried out that night and she did not fret or tell his mother.  She simply baked a casserole and took it for the family.  Derek eventually apologized and offered to mow her lawn for the entire summer. Years later, as a young man, Derek visited Maddy and thanked her for her intervention in his life.  He had opted to become a pastor.  He wanted to give of himself like Maddy.  Maddy’s daughter Dani also felt this outpouring of love over the years and vowed to continue Maddy’s work in her own life.  According to Ms. Sundberg, Dani recognized that this way of life was not easy for her mum.

A Call to Love is a novel that makes you question your own life.  You might ask yourself, what am I doing to give back to society like Maddy?  How am I showing God’s love to my neighbors or friends? I also appreciate the plot of the novel.  Ms. Sundberg traces Dani’s childhood years through to young adulthood. All of the interpersonal relationships that Maddy formed bore fruit later in the plot.  This is evident especially at Dani’s bridal shower and at Maddy’s funeral.  A Call to Love is very moving and thought provoking.  It reminds me of my father’s role as a school teacher.  To date, many years after his death, I am experiencing an outpouring of goodwill extended to my son as a result of my father’s kindness to one of his co-workers.  I can therefore thoroughly relate to this theme of sowing seeds of kindness.  The language of the book is informal and it is easy to follow the storyline.  Ms. Sundberg has done a great job in developing the characters of her book.  I love the way in which she shaped Maddy’s selfless persona.  Maddy seems so real!  She is a person who has really overcome her personal trials and we as readers can persevere in life even when things seem to be difficult.  I strongly recommend this inspiring book to all readers.

Reviewed for Readers Favorite

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