Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Cold Corner

Are you feeling cold in your neck of the woods? Do you grit your teeth at the thought of putting on all those layers of clothes just to get to the store? 

There is usually a quick solution for warming up yourself in the winter months like using ear muffs, woolly hats, insulated coats,etc. Even the heating in the cars can provide a little oasis for drivers.

But suppose you are feeling cold on the inside?

Your heart is cold because your partner forgot that it's your anniversary and shows up when the celebratory chocolate has already melted. Or you invite your best friend over for lunch and he decided to cancel via a text message at the very last minute. Ya mean he couldn't call?!

Surely a woolly hat will not suffice in any of those situations!

Many of us will go through feelings of depression, anxiety or rage at times.  However, the key to getting over these situations in life is having someone to confide in. I'm sure that the character Venus in the novel entitled Cold World - Audaciously Belle felt all those emotions as she found herself pregnant at 15 with no proper role models around her. On top of that her boyfriend was shot and killed leaving her all alone. Who will she confide in?

This book is written by Shanitra Gardner. I gave it 4 stars.  Here is my review:-

Reviewed for Readers' Favorite

Cold World: Audaciously Belle is a fast paced story surrounding Venus Rose, a gullible teenager who lives in the projects.  Venus has been exposed to the gangster life as a result of living with her uncles from time to time.  For the most part, her growing up years have been very unstable. She grew up without the presence of a caring father.  She often saw her mum and dad fighting and quarrelling, hurling indecent language at each other.  Her mum worked irregular hours and many times Venus and her sister were left alone unsupervised. Unfortunately, Venus got pregnant at fifteen years of age. She had the baby and her mother and other relatives chipped in to provide financial support.  Her boyfriend assisted as well, but he was a gangster and not very reliable.  Venus regretted that she had turned her boyfriend away the same night that he died, gunned down in the street.  Venus was grief stricken.

Cold World: Audaciously Belle is an interesting novel.  It is written in the first person.  I like the fact that author Shanitra Gardner included portions of poetry in the entire book. This gives the story a realistic feel.  You can get a deeper understanding of the anguish and pain that the main character feels.  She is really crying out for help.  I appreciate that the author divulges the intimate details of the character's life. This is important because you can clearly see how the events shaped her personality and future decisions.  The reader can relate to this because our initial experiences in the home environment affect us all on an emotional level. If, for example, a child grows up with the loving attention of its parents, that child might not need to seek that love outside of the home.  The language used is simple and punctuated with curse words to reflect the type of environment being showcased.  I thoroughly enjoyed the book.  It is a warning to parents to be more responsible in the upbringing of their children. USA, LLC


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Friday, 10 March 2017

Do You Treasure Your Freedom?

How many of us really appreciate the fact that we can be liberal, speak our minds and make our own choices?

For instance if I didn't feel like eating rice and chicken for dinner this evening, I can easily opt to go into the nearest fast food or roti shop and buy something else.

On the other hand, some women are hemmed in by their partners  to cook a particular meal for them as well as do household chores.
Some women are not even allowed to choose their partners due to pressure from parents, family members or religious beliefs.

This exact scenario is played out in the novel Unbridled by author Susannah Woods. The character Kathryn was supposed to marry a gentleman she did not love. 

I wrote this review on 29 August 2014. Here is my review:-

Unbridled by Susannah Woods is an enjoyable story based on the escapades of Kathryn Westcott. Kathryn is a lady of honour who was betrothed to Seth McGregor. Seth was chosen for Kathryn by her brother Robert. Seth was also from a well to do Scottish family, therefore Robert felt that this was a good match. Kathryn, affectionately known as Kate, could not bear marrying someone that she did not love, so she decided to run away from her hometown of Aberdeen, Scotland. She worked in bars and taverns to make some money. Kate met Peter, a soldier who befriended her and helped her to get her first job in a tavern. Feeling obligated to Peter, Kate agreed to be engaged to him. However, her true desire was to escape to Canada. She hid herself aboard a docked ship which was actually headed for America. Kate met Jack on board this vessel. As a result of the ongoing war between America and Britain, Kate chose to go with Jack to work as a housekeeper on his farm. Kate fell in love with Jack, but Peter found Kate and took her away. Will Kate and Jack, amidst all the work obligations and instances of turmoil, find each other again?

Unbridled is a fast paced novel with a historical slant. It is filled with suspense from the beginning and this encourages the reader to follow the storyline. The language is a bit formal to match the era of the plot. I liked the fact that author Susannah Woods kept separating the two main characters and reuniting them throughout the book. This clever move serves to perpetuate the adage that love conquers all. This theme is relevant because love is an element that remains constant, regardless of time or separation. I appreciated the portrayal of the main female character as a tower of strength. Despite all of the dangerous situations she encountered, she was focused and resilient. I found this quality to be an admirable one. I believe that in reality more persons should be like her. I also loved the fact that the author included a timeline and location at the beginning of each chapter. This helps to sustain the reader’s interest in the plot. This book is an interesting read. I recommend it to all readers who love historical dramas.

Reviewed for Readers' Favorite
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