Monday, 2 January 2017

Oh Chemistree, Ohh Chemistry!

It's a new year and as most of us reckon, new year - new rules!

By now most persons would have already made their new year resolutions.  Or they might have wished for good health, prosperity and all those good things that Santa forgot to bring for Xmas. No wonder so many Xmas trees are still up!

SamsoniteWell, what about good sex? How many of us ladies especially (men too!) secretly wish that they could be as sexually satisfied as the main characters in the romance novels like Harlequin, Mills & Boon and even those written by Zane?

Sometimes, some persons think that they are relatively happy in their current relationship and then they meet someone who makes them come alive. According to author Elodie Parkes in her book entitled Unexpected Storm, Holly is actually on an exotic beach holiday with her boyfriend when this exact scenario occurred.

I completed this review on 25 August 2014. It is a good read even though it is only has 35 pages. Here is my review:-

Unexpected Storm by Elodie Parkes is a fast paced story based on the summer romance between Holly and Will. Holly is vacationing with her beau, Rob, along with her friends Jill and Marcus. While sheltering in a beach hut during the pouring rain, Holly felt a hand caressing her buttocks. She automatically assumed that it was Rob. When she did look up, she was stunned to see that it was a complete stranger being so familiar with her anatomy. Holly and Rob had only been dating for eight months. Holly thought that they could rekindle their strained relationship during this holiday period. Out of the blue, Holly found herself very much attracted to this stranger, Will. The physical attraction between them was instant and mutual. Both Will and Holly succumbed to their attraction to each other and made love every chance they got. But does pure passion lead to commitment and happily ever after?

Unexpected Storm is a short, sexy novel. The beginning was really unexpected. It took me literally by surprise! This tactic is very effective because it spurs on the average reader to become more engrossed in the story. I certainly did. The use of erotica was tastefully implemented. The language is colloquial and easy to understand. I love the fact that author Elodie Parkes fully developed the characters instead of just giving superficial highlights of them. The contrast between the rainy conditions and the scorching physicality between the two main characters is very clever and exotic. Any reader would love to be a willing participant in the passionate embraces showcased at the beginning of the novel. The sultry cover photo also helps to perpetuate sexual tension and create a vivid impact on the reader. I also appreciate the fact that both points of view of the main characters were included in the novel. Most of the time, the female’s thoughts are highlighted in romance novels. This change from the norm is a plus because it gives the realistic impression that men experience inner emotional turmoil in relationships. This book is hot! I recommend it to all readers who need a vicarious shot of sexy romance in their lives.
Reviewed for Readers Favorite

I take this opportunity to wish everyone good health, good committed relationships and of course sizzling sex for 2017!

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