Wednesday, 20 June 2018

A Good Father

In your mind, what qualities constitute a good father?  Does it have anything to do with the amount of pocket money he gives you as he goes off to work?  What about when he drops you off to school without kissing you because it would deflate his macho image?

I strongly believe that it is very important that fathers (not sperm donors) spend quality time with their children, grand children or young persons.  Buying the latest gadget or even a car does not necessarily endear your child to you as a parent.
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When I am reminiscing about my own father, I tend to fondly remember the times I have spent on his lap in the rocking chair or when I would go with him in the pasture to bring in the cows to give them water.   

 The book entitled The Father by author Brett Williams allows you to ponder on how you were treated by your father whilst growing up. I completed the following review on 2014.09.17. 

The Father is an interesting story about three generations of the Whitaker family.  Joseph Whitaker was a farmer.  He raised his son John; John raised his son Morgan; and Morgan named his child John, giving him his grandfather's name.  Author Brett Williams traced the lineage of this poor Midwest farmer, Joseph.  He showed how each successive father influenced his offspring socially, psychologically and intellectually.  Joseph was very strict as a father.  He was a dedicated farmer and he believed that tilling the land was the ultimate job to have.  John did not share his father's love of the land to that extent.  He wanted to get as far away from the countryside as possible.  As a child, he had a love for animals and nature.  He served as a soldier in the army in World War II.  He got married after his stint there and had twin sons, plus another son Morgan.  Morgan was a different child.  He was inquisitive and intuitive.  He followed his passions of science and theatre as a man.  He met the woman of his dreams, got married and had his son John.  John had both his grandfather's traits as well as his dad's.  At thirteen years of age, he was an avid reader, always questioning the status quo.  Like Morgan, as a man he set off to see the world his way.

The Father is a book that allows you to be introspective.  As you read it, you wonder what kind of legacy you are leaving for your kids.  I love the attention to detail that author Brett Williams placed on each child's upbringing.  This suggests that this period of a child's life is very important.  At this juncture, persons who have influenced the child play a role in the way that child matures into an adult.  It also affects the choices that child makes and so on.  The language used is simple and easy to understand.  I love the way in which the author showcased the cultural differences of the generations.  In a way, this can transform the novel into a learning tool instead of just a form of entertainment.  Readers would be able to glean some truths about the proverbial generation gap.  Most persons realize that there are fundamental differences between the way persons of the younger and older generations operate.  For example, when I was younger, my mother taught me to iron bed sheets.  I don't teach my children to do this because nowadays the sheets available for purchase are wash and wear.  When I told my children that I used to do this, they were amazed.  This clearly demonstrates the differences of opinion in my generation.  Overall, The Father is a good read.  I recommend it to all readers.

What will your legacy be?

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Stacy Adams

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Sunday, 17 June 2018

Sexy Adulterated!

How many of you remember that movie that highlighted bondage, hidden desires and fetishes?

Yes, you all know I mean Fifty Shades! I know a lot of people especially women secretly bought the book along with it's other sequels!

120x90 125x125 SONAHowever there have been other books exposing this so-called forbidden element of sexual appetites.  Author H. Tanhide explored the world of dominatrix women called Femanistria in his book entitled Welcome to Femanistria.
I did a review of this book on 9th September 2014. Here is my review:-

Welcome to Femanistria is a bold look at the life of engineer Harry Tanhide in a world filled with dominatrix women. Harry stumbled upon the town Femanistria by accident as he was hiking through a European forest. He encountered the leader of Femanistria on horseback. He was immediately drawn to her- hypnotized even. He realized that he wanted to be possessed by her at all costs when he recognized that she was a dominatrix. Harry had had previous sexual experiences with dominatrices so he was not alarmed by her presence or demands. Harry’s introduction to Femanistria was filled with lots of punishment. According to author Tanhide, he was spanked unmercifully, locked away in a cell, completely humiliated. Emotionally, he was broken down until he cried. He realized that the males in Femanistria were regarded as the weaker sex and were to be utilized as servants of the Femanistrian females. Harry was able to withstand the treatment meted out to him and his spirit was not broken by the Femanistrian life.

Welcome to Femanistria by H. Tanhide is an eye-opener in terms of the dominatrix world. The book is a bold expression of extremist life patterns of domineering women. The illustration on the cover is tame in comparison with the shocking revelations in the novel. Author Tanhide did a good job in his portrayal of the main character. The suspense is very palpable and increased with each chapter. I did not want to put down the book! I was caught up in the seductive plot and became enthralled by it. This clearly demonstrates the creative genius of the author. As I was reading, I wondered “does this really happen?” The descriptive details are superb. I found the contrast between the details of the men versus the women interesting. Obviously, the emphasis on the concise descriptions of the women was deliberate so as to blend in with the pervasive theme of the novel – women rule. Overall, the book was a real shock to my system but it was a captivating read nonetheless. Kudos to author Tanhide who kept me spellbound from beginning to end!

Reviewed for Readers Favorite
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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Missed Understandings

Have you ever had a a colleague at work that you enjoy spending your lunch breaks with? Or even laughed and joked with that person whilst shopping around for the latest deals in nearby shops?

Then out of the blue, the two of you clash over a trivial matter that on reflection doesn't mean as much as your daily friendship? Who knows, this new friction could be attributed to some form of office gossip or snide remark from a jealous bystander.

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Would you allow a sweater to come between you and your buddy?!

That exact scenario occurred at Christmas time in the novel Reindeer Wars by author Liese Sherwood-Fabre. Tina met a nice gentleman Brian at her workplace. Her budding interest in him turned to rage after seeing him bedecked in her sweater.

I completed this review on 8 September 2014.  I do encourage you to not let reality mirror fiction. It's only a sweater!  Here is my review:-

Reindeer Wars by Liese Sherwood-Fabre is a delightful romance surrounding Tina, a claims adjuster. Tina literally bumped into Brian Foster, a new salesman at the firm Judicious Insurance. Tina immediately felt an attraction to Brian. He invited Tina on a date which she accepted. Unknown to Brian, Tina was the reigning sweater queen. Each year at the Xmas party, Tina won the sweater competition. At the current Xmas party, Tina turned cold after seeing Brian in her sweater with the reindeer face affixed to it. She was livid with rage and assumed that Brian was the one who beat her bid on the auction website Ebids. Brian ended up winning the competition. Tina was deflated. Brian’s Aunt Sue, who met Tina, turned up at Tina’s door. Will her explanation be enough?

Reindeer Wars is an enjoyable book. The plot revolves around an office setting. The language is colloquial and easy to understand. I love the competition scenario in the book. What is also interesting is the competition within a competition as portrayed by the two main characters. This gives the reader an idea about the office politics of the firm. This book also portrays the thin line between love and hate that occurred with the two main characters. What is also evident is that misunderstandings can likely occur when persons make assumptions. Author Sherwood-Fabre cleverly displays this theme in her book. I also love the illustration of the reindeer on the cover. It is very colourful and endearing and blends in with the overall storyline. I love the traditional way that the characters dated for the first time. Nowadays, most persons have strayed away from really getting to know each other’s personality while dating. This a refreshing move on the part of the author. This book is a good read and one I recommend it to all lovers of romance.

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Thursday, 18 May 2017

B Outstanding!

Are you feeling depressed? Do you think that you should hide behind closed doors and refuse to go into the city and buy yourself a nice cologne or a new dress?

It's time to take off those ungodly clothes that hide your stunning figure and start to approach your life with zest!  Just because you had a bad break in life does not mean that it is the end of the world!

Carol's Daughter
Find a good friend that you can trust and get moving.  You can think about starting small and do a little jogging in the neighbourhood and get the blood pumping a bit.

Or you can visit that art exhibit you saw advertised in the newspaper and maybe meet a new friend!

Well, I am sure that it takes a lot of encouragement for persons who endured some form of abuse to seek help and slowly learn to love themselves again.  It is not easy to get out of the blame game and see life with rose coloured glasses again.  

The heroine in Stanley Buford's book entitled Selena You're Beautiful!was a victim of abuse.  Selena had difficulty bonding with her boyfriend Trent due to her hesitancy in opening up to him about what happened to her in her childhood. 

If you suffered abuse like Selena, I encourage you to seek help. Remember that you are special!

Here is my review which I completed on 7 September 2014:-

Selena, You’re Beautiful! is a short story focused on the issue of incest. Selena and her current boyfriend Trent went out for dinner one night. Trent realized that Selena was being rather distant with him and wasn’t letting him get close to her emotionally. She finally opens up and confides in him about her uncle who sexually assaulted her when she was young. When her father had to work long hours, he left her with his brother. Selena had also confided in a pastor at that time, but he only told her that she had to make a choice - either keep it a secret or confront both her uncle and her father. What will Trent's reaction be and how will Selena face the future?

Selena, You’re Beautiful! is an emotionally charged novel. Author Stanley Buford did a good job in highlighting the main character’s personal relationship. The language used is simple and the average reader can understand it. I love the beautiful picture of the female on the cover page. It really stands out. Despite the fact that the book only has two chapters, it is very interesting and revealing. As the adage says, good thing come in small packages. The sensitive topic that the author presented indicates his creative prowess. It was delicately handled and I appreciate his bold move in exposing this serious issue. The plot is easy to follow as well as being entertaining. I believe that the novel displays the importance of having a caring person intercede on your behalf in situations which are emotionally difficult. This extra boost to your morale can help to alleviate the stress as well as lighten the mood. I applaud the author for writing about this serious topic. I recommend it to all readers.

Reviewed for Readers' Favorite

Peter Alexander New Zealand

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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Cold Corner

Are you feeling cold in your neck of the woods? Do you grit your teeth at the thought of putting on all those layers of clothes just to get to the store? 

There is usually a quick solution for warming up yourself in the winter months like using ear muffs, woolly hats, insulated coats,etc. Even the heating in the cars can provide a little oasis for drivers.

But suppose you are feeling cold on the inside?

Your heart is cold because your partner forgot that it's your anniversary and shows up when the celebratory chocolate has already melted. Or you invite your best friend over for lunch and he decided to cancel via a text message at the very last minute. Ya mean he couldn't call?!

Surely a woolly hat will not suffice in any of those situations!

Many of us will go through feelings of depression, anxiety or rage at times.  However, the key to getting over these situations in life is having someone to confide in. I'm sure that the character Venus in the novel entitled Cold World - Audaciously Belle felt all those emotions as she found herself pregnant at 15 with no proper role models around her. On top of that her boyfriend was shot and killed leaving her all alone. Who will she confide in?

This book is written by Shanitra Gardner. I gave it 4 stars.  Here is my review:-

Reviewed for Readers' Favorite

Cold World: Audaciously Belle is a fast paced story surrounding Venus Rose, a gullible teenager who lives in the projects.  Venus has been exposed to the gangster life as a result of living with her uncles from time to time.  For the most part, her growing up years have been very unstable. She grew up without the presence of a caring father.  She often saw her mum and dad fighting and quarrelling, hurling indecent language at each other.  Her mum worked irregular hours and many times Venus and her sister were left alone unsupervised. Unfortunately, Venus got pregnant at fifteen years of age. She had the baby and her mother and other relatives chipped in to provide financial support.  Her boyfriend assisted as well, but he was a gangster and not very reliable.  Venus regretted that she had turned her boyfriend away the same night that he died, gunned down in the street.  Venus was grief stricken.

Cold World: Audaciously Belle is an interesting novel.  It is written in the first person.  I like the fact that author Shanitra Gardner included portions of poetry in the entire book. This gives the story a realistic feel.  You can get a deeper understanding of the anguish and pain that the main character feels.  She is really crying out for help.  I appreciate that the author divulges the intimate details of the character's life. This is important because you can clearly see how the events shaped her personality and future decisions.  The reader can relate to this because our initial experiences in the home environment affect us all on an emotional level. If, for example, a child grows up with the loving attention of its parents, that child might not need to seek that love outside of the home.  The language used is simple and punctuated with curse words to reflect the type of environment being showcased.  I thoroughly enjoyed the book.  It is a warning to parents to be more responsible in the upbringing of their children. USA, LLC


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Friday, 10 March 2017

Do You Treasure Your Freedom?

How many of us really appreciate the fact that we can be liberal, speak our minds and make our own choices?

For instance if I didn't feel like eating rice and chicken for dinner this evening, I can easily opt to go into the nearest fast food or roti shop and buy something else.

On the other hand, some women are hemmed in by their partners  to cook a particular meal for them as well as do household chores.
Some women are not even allowed to choose their partners due to pressure from parents, family members or religious beliefs.

This exact scenario is played out in the novel Unbridled by author Susannah Woods. The character Kathryn was supposed to marry a gentleman she did not love. 

I wrote this review on 29 August 2014. Here is my review:-

Unbridled by Susannah Woods is an enjoyable story based on the escapades of Kathryn Westcott. Kathryn is a lady of honour who was betrothed to Seth McGregor. Seth was chosen for Kathryn by her brother Robert. Seth was also from a well to do Scottish family, therefore Robert felt that this was a good match. Kathryn, affectionately known as Kate, could not bear marrying someone that she did not love, so she decided to run away from her hometown of Aberdeen, Scotland. She worked in bars and taverns to make some money. Kate met Peter, a soldier who befriended her and helped her to get her first job in a tavern. Feeling obligated to Peter, Kate agreed to be engaged to him. However, her true desire was to escape to Canada. She hid herself aboard a docked ship which was actually headed for America. Kate met Jack on board this vessel. As a result of the ongoing war between America and Britain, Kate chose to go with Jack to work as a housekeeper on his farm. Kate fell in love with Jack, but Peter found Kate and took her away. Will Kate and Jack, amidst all the work obligations and instances of turmoil, find each other again?

Unbridled is a fast paced novel with a historical slant. It is filled with suspense from the beginning and this encourages the reader to follow the storyline. The language is a bit formal to match the era of the plot. I liked the fact that author Susannah Woods kept separating the two main characters and reuniting them throughout the book. This clever move serves to perpetuate the adage that love conquers all. This theme is relevant because love is an element that remains constant, regardless of time or separation. I appreciated the portrayal of the main female character as a tower of strength. Despite all of the dangerous situations she encountered, she was focused and resilient. I found this quality to be an admirable one. I believe that in reality more persons should be like her. I also loved the fact that the author included a timeline and location at the beginning of each chapter. This helps to sustain the reader’s interest in the plot. This book is an interesting read. I recommend it to all readers who love historical dramas.

Reviewed for Readers' Favorite
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Monday, 2 January 2017

Oh Chemistree, Ohh Chemistry!

It's a new year and as most of us reckon, new year - new rules!

By now most persons would have already made their new year resolutions.  Or they might have wished for good health, prosperity and all those good things that Santa forgot to bring for Xmas. No wonder so many Xmas trees are still up!

SamsoniteWell, what about good sex? How many of us ladies especially (men too!) secretly wish that they could be as sexually satisfied as the main characters in the romance novels like Harlequin, Mills & Boon and even those written by Zane?

Sometimes, some persons think that they are relatively happy in their current relationship and then they meet someone who makes them come alive. According to author Elodie Parkes in her book entitled Unexpected Storm, Holly is actually on an exotic beach holiday with her boyfriend when this exact scenario occurred.

I completed this review on 25 August 2014. It is a good read even though it is only has 35 pages. Here is my review:-

Unexpected Storm by Elodie Parkes is a fast paced story based on the summer romance between Holly and Will. Holly is vacationing with her beau, Rob, along with her friends Jill and Marcus. While sheltering in a beach hut during the pouring rain, Holly felt a hand caressing her buttocks. She automatically assumed that it was Rob. When she did look up, she was stunned to see that it was a complete stranger being so familiar with her anatomy. Holly and Rob had only been dating for eight months. Holly thought that they could rekindle their strained relationship during this holiday period. Out of the blue, Holly found herself very much attracted to this stranger, Will. The physical attraction between them was instant and mutual. Both Will and Holly succumbed to their attraction to each other and made love every chance they got. But does pure passion lead to commitment and happily ever after?

Unexpected Storm is a short, sexy novel. The beginning was really unexpected. It took me literally by surprise! This tactic is very effective because it spurs on the average reader to become more engrossed in the story. I certainly did. The use of erotica was tastefully implemented. The language is colloquial and easy to understand. I love the fact that author Elodie Parkes fully developed the characters instead of just giving superficial highlights of them. The contrast between the rainy conditions and the scorching physicality between the two main characters is very clever and exotic. Any reader would love to be a willing participant in the passionate embraces showcased at the beginning of the novel. The sultry cover photo also helps to perpetuate sexual tension and create a vivid impact on the reader. I also appreciate the fact that both points of view of the main characters were included in the novel. Most of the time, the female’s thoughts are highlighted in romance novels. This change from the norm is a plus because it gives the realistic impression that men experience inner emotional turmoil in relationships. This book is hot! I recommend it to all readers who need a vicarious shot of sexy romance in their lives.
Reviewed for Readers Favorite

I take this opportunity to wish everyone good health, good committed relationships and of course sizzling sex for 2017!

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Friday, 19 August 2016

Topsy Turvy

When was the last time that you tried on your son's cricket cap or party hat?  Do you think that you are too old to do this or that it is nonsense?

Or have you carved out some time lately to sit down and watch a cartoon or funny movie with your toddler?

My aim is not to castigate anyone for not doing any of the above but
to highlight an essential element in the way we perceive our world - perspective.

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Even the tall, lanky character in the animated movie Ratatouille mentioned the importance of perspective when reviewing life in general.

If we do not take the time to see things from a different angle, we can end up jumping to the wrong conclusions. This is so true for the character Iris in the children's book by Helen Rose entitled The Upside of Iris. She has an eye defect that causes her to see the world upside down. I completed this review on 18 August 2016.  Here is my review:-

The Upside of Iris is a delightful children’s book showcasing the life of Iris who suffers from an eye defect better known as “upside-down-it is.”  According to author Helen Rose, Iris sees the world upside down.  As a result, Iris finds that she cannot climb stairs very well and avoids them like the plague.  Her sensitive nature enables her to appreciate other persons like her friend Charlie.  Charlie doesn’t speak much but he truly understands Iris’s dilemma and values her friendship.  As Ms. Rose stated, Charlie is a friend who “understands without words and accepts without questions.”  Unfortunately, Iris’s wicked twin step-sisters intervened and split up Iris and Charlie with bold faced lies.  Charlie was told that Iris had a new boyfriend and had moved on.  As fate would have it, this couple reunited later in life and their romance blossomed once again.

The Upside of Iris is a positive piece of fiction enveloping two persons with disabilities.  Author Helen Rose has tastefully merged several themes into this novel for young readers.  For example, she touched on the pervasive theme of good versus evil exemplified by the personalities of the main character and her siblings.  I love the fact that Ms. Rose placed emphasis on the reality that the heroine remained true to herself.  This is relevant in today’s world as stressful conditions can persuade some of us to switch our personalities like the clothes we wear which in turn can lead to further problems. The colorful illustrations as well as the font of the words help to make the book very appealing and encourage readers to keep turning the pages.  The positive romantic ending is also a plus. This really inspires us to look within and desire true love.  This is a lovely story and I encourage readers of all ages to indulge in this book.

Friday, 10 June 2016

Dangerous Device?!

Today's topic is considered a taboo one.  You don't normally hear women especially talking openly about what type of contraceptive they use or prefer.

However, I am going to be bold with this post.  Most women enjoy sexual activity. Indulging in sexual intercourse should be enjoyable and persons should also engage in a responsible manner i.e use some form of contraception.

This is vital especially if women do not want to become pregnant.  Many options are available including the IUD or intrauterine device.

Unfortunately, some women do not realize that the IUD can cause other health issues. Author Miriam Jameson was caught unawares by this phenomenon.

In her book entitled Surviving the IUD: The Genesis, Ms Jameson provided details of the ordeal she experienced by inserting an IUD.  Shouldn't there be a warning label attached to each unit sold to women just like the cigarette packets?

This memoir that I reviewed is very informative and is an eye opener for women who willingly accept contraceptive methods from various doctors and pharmacies.  I completed my analysis on 23 August 2014.  Here is my review:-

Surviving the IUD: The Genesis by author Miriam Jameson showcases her personal gynecological issues with an IUD. Ms. Jameson reveals the initial awful experience which took place in her doctor’s office. The insertion of the IUD device was so painful that Ms. Jameson passed out. She ended up having to depend on pain killers in order to get through the ordeal. This self-medication became a daily ritual for her as the pain refused to subside. She also had continuous spotting or bleeding. She went from doctor to doctor, trying to resolve the medical issues that seemed to be increasing. One doctor recommended a dermatologist; another doctor said that she should see a therapist and so on. Her frustration continued to rise. She even got a bald spot in her hair which pushed her over the edge emotionally. The end result was that she decided to remove the IUD and allow her body to heal itself. Her goal was to de-stress totally, think positively and move on with her life, supported by her husband and friends.

Surviving the IUD: The Genesis reveals a phenomenon that can happen to any female. Firstly, an IUD is a foreign object. Some women don’t have problems with them. Clearly some women have experienced the opposite. The use of open ended questions in the chapters is effective because they help the reader to feel the emotional trauma that the main character feels. Author Miriam Jameson was very descriptive in relating the saga which unfolded. This gives a realistic feel to the story. I appreciate the huge lettering of the subheadings. This conveys the swelling of emotional distress that the author felt. The language used was simple and easy to understand. I love the fact that the author was very revealing when she was expressing her feelings. This tactic is useful because any reader can identify with her ordeal and heed any relevant advice given. Surviving the IUD: The Genesis is a personal account of a traumatic episode. I recommend the book especially to all female readers. These readers might encounter a similar fate with regards to birth control devices or medication.

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Friday, 6 May 2016

M is For Mothers

Most women who bear healthy children eagerly look forward to raising them to the best of their ability. However, every mother is not a dedicated parent.

Parenting is a major responsibility. When they are babies, you have to get up and nurse/feed them when you are tired; you have to learn to differentiate which cry means "my pamper is wet" or "I have air, please use colic medication" even when you are frustrated.

When they are toddlers, you can't wait for them to walk so that you don't have to lift them up everywhere you go! I distinctly remember when a colleague asked me if I was lifting weights or working out because my arms were showing muscular definition. I laughed and told him that it was just from lifting my son - no gym attendance whatsoever!

Experience and education really helps new mothers to become more comfortable with this new chapter in their lives.  Author Laurie WJN also recommends certain techniques to employ when coaching children.  In her book Fearless & Feminine: Raising Confident Daughters readers can find helpful ideas to pass on to their charges.

I completed my review of this novel on 23 August 2014.  I found it to be very informative. Here is my review:-

Fearless and Feminine: Raising Confident Daughters is a practical book specifically dedicated to parents who have daughters. Author Laurie WJN relates how she raised her two daughters and shares her actual experiences throughout the years. She delves into little anecdotes, for example, when the entire family partakes of a bowl of candy as their traditional fun activity during the holiday season. She goes on to stress the importance of doing activities as a family unit and making sure that you treat each child as a unique individual without making comparisons. Instilling discipline is another piece of advice offered by author Laurie WJN. You have to be firm and not spoil your children by giving them the latest video games, cell phones and other gadgets. It is also important that you teach them responsibility by allowing them to purchase items they desire using their allowances or pocket money. In essence, the book enforces the best ways in which to bring up your daughters as well-rounded, confident citizens.

Fearless and Feminine: Raising Confident Daughters is a very informative book. It highlights some of the techniques utilized by the author to help her children gain maximum self-confidence. I love the fact that author Laurie WJN kept the chapters short and sweet. This encourages the reader to follow the storyline with ease and read at a faster pace. I appreciate the sharing of intimate family details. This tactic is clever because it indicates that the author is truthful about her experiences and readers will readily relate to the ideas being offered. The use of subheadings is effective because it identifies the actual subject matter that is being highlighted. I believe that the basic information being shared can be geared towards boys as well. The advice is relevant and practical therefore, in my opinion, it does not have gender specific boundaries. The language used is colloquial and very easy to understand. I recommend this book to all readers, especially those who are in the process of raising children.

Reviewed for Readers' Favorite by Valerie Rouse

I dedicate this post to all mothers out there and hopefully inspire them to become better and informed parents on this Mothers' Day weekend.


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