Wednesday, 20 June 2018

A Good Father

In your mind, what qualities constitute a good father?  Does it have anything to do with the amount of pocket money he gives you as he goes off to work?  What about when he drops you off to school without kissing you because it would deflate his macho image?

I strongly believe that it is very important that fathers (not sperm donors) spend quality time with their children, grand children or young persons.  Buying the latest gadget or even a car does not necessarily endear your child to you as a parent.
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When I am reminiscing about my own father, I tend to fondly remember the times I have spent on his lap in the rocking chair or when I would go with him in the pasture to bring in the cows to give them water.   

 The book entitled The Father by author Brett Williams allows you to ponder on how you were treated by your father whilst growing up. I completed the following review on 2014.09.17. 

The Father is an interesting story about three generations of the Whitaker family.  Joseph Whitaker was a farmer.  He raised his son John; John raised his son Morgan; and Morgan named his child John, giving him his grandfather's name.  Author Brett Williams traced the lineage of this poor Midwest farmer, Joseph.  He showed how each successive father influenced his offspring socially, psychologically and intellectually.  Joseph was very strict as a father.  He was a dedicated farmer and he believed that tilling the land was the ultimate job to have.  John did not share his father's love of the land to that extent.  He wanted to get as far away from the countryside as possible.  As a child, he had a love for animals and nature.  He served as a soldier in the army in World War II.  He got married after his stint there and had twin sons, plus another son Morgan.  Morgan was a different child.  He was inquisitive and intuitive.  He followed his passions of science and theatre as a man.  He met the woman of his dreams, got married and had his son John.  John had both his grandfather's traits as well as his dad's.  At thirteen years of age, he was an avid reader, always questioning the status quo.  Like Morgan, as a man he set off to see the world his way.

The Father is a book that allows you to be introspective.  As you read it, you wonder what kind of legacy you are leaving for your kids.  I love the attention to detail that author Brett Williams placed on each child's upbringing.  This suggests that this period of a child's life is very important.  At this juncture, persons who have influenced the child play a role in the way that child matures into an adult.  It also affects the choices that child makes and so on.  The language used is simple and easy to understand.  I love the way in which the author showcased the cultural differences of the generations.  In a way, this can transform the novel into a learning tool instead of just a form of entertainment.  Readers would be able to glean some truths about the proverbial generation gap.  Most persons realize that there are fundamental differences between the way persons of the younger and older generations operate.  For example, when I was younger, my mother taught me to iron bed sheets.  I don't teach my children to do this because nowadays the sheets available for purchase are wash and wear.  When I told my children that I used to do this, they were amazed.  This clearly demonstrates the differences of opinion in my generation.  Overall, The Father is a good read.  I recommend it to all readers.

What will your legacy be?

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Stacy Adams

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Sunday, 17 June 2018

Sexy Adulterated!

How many of you remember that movie that highlighted bondage, hidden desires and fetishes?

Yes, you all know I mean Fifty Shades! I know a lot of people especially women secretly bought the book along with it's other sequels!

120x90 125x125 SONAHowever there have been other books exposing this so-called forbidden element of sexual appetites.  Author H. Tanhide explored the world of dominatrix women called Femanistria in his book entitled Welcome to Femanistria.
I did a review of this book on 9th September 2014. Here is my review:-

Welcome to Femanistria is a bold look at the life of engineer Harry Tanhide in a world filled with dominatrix women. Harry stumbled upon the town Femanistria by accident as he was hiking through a European forest. He encountered the leader of Femanistria on horseback. He was immediately drawn to her- hypnotized even. He realized that he wanted to be possessed by her at all costs when he recognized that she was a dominatrix. Harry had had previous sexual experiences with dominatrices so he was not alarmed by her presence or demands. Harry’s introduction to Femanistria was filled with lots of punishment. According to author Tanhide, he was spanked unmercifully, locked away in a cell, completely humiliated. Emotionally, he was broken down until he cried. He realized that the males in Femanistria were regarded as the weaker sex and were to be utilized as servants of the Femanistrian females. Harry was able to withstand the treatment meted out to him and his spirit was not broken by the Femanistrian life.

Welcome to Femanistria by H. Tanhide is an eye-opener in terms of the dominatrix world. The book is a bold expression of extremist life patterns of domineering women. The illustration on the cover is tame in comparison with the shocking revelations in the novel. Author Tanhide did a good job in his portrayal of the main character. The suspense is very palpable and increased with each chapter. I did not want to put down the book! I was caught up in the seductive plot and became enthralled by it. This clearly demonstrates the creative genius of the author. As I was reading, I wondered “does this really happen?” The descriptive details are superb. I found the contrast between the details of the men versus the women interesting. Obviously, the emphasis on the concise descriptions of the women was deliberate so as to blend in with the pervasive theme of the novel – women rule. Overall, the book was a real shock to my system but it was a captivating read nonetheless. Kudos to author Tanhide who kept me spellbound from beginning to end!

Reviewed for Readers Favorite
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