Friday, 6 May 2016

M is For Mothers

Most women who bear healthy children eagerly look forward to raising them to the best of their ability. However, every mother is not a dedicated parent.

Parenting is a major responsibility. When they are babies, you have to get up and nurse/feed them when you are tired; you have to learn to differentiate which cry means "my pamper is wet" or "I have air, please use colic medication" even when you are frustrated.

When they are toddlers, you can't wait for them to walk so that you don't have to lift them up everywhere you go! I distinctly remember when a colleague asked me if I was lifting weights or working out because my arms were showing muscular definition. I laughed and told him that it was just from lifting my son - no gym attendance whatsoever!

Experience and education really helps new mothers to become more comfortable with this new chapter in their lives.  Author Laurie WJN also recommends certain techniques to employ when coaching children.  In her book Fearless & Feminine: Raising Confident Daughters readers can find helpful ideas to pass on to their charges.

I completed my review of this novel on 23 August 2014.  I found it to be very informative. Here is my review:-

Fearless and Feminine: Raising Confident Daughters is a practical book specifically dedicated to parents who have daughters. Author Laurie WJN relates how she raised her two daughters and shares her actual experiences throughout the years. She delves into little anecdotes, for example, when the entire family partakes of a bowl of candy as their traditional fun activity during the holiday season. She goes on to stress the importance of doing activities as a family unit and making sure that you treat each child as a unique individual without making comparisons. Instilling discipline is another piece of advice offered by author Laurie WJN. You have to be firm and not spoil your children by giving them the latest video games, cell phones and other gadgets. It is also important that you teach them responsibility by allowing them to purchase items they desire using their allowances or pocket money. In essence, the book enforces the best ways in which to bring up your daughters as well-rounded, confident citizens.

Fearless and Feminine: Raising Confident Daughters is a very informative book. It highlights some of the techniques utilized by the author to help her children gain maximum self-confidence. I love the fact that author Laurie WJN kept the chapters short and sweet. This encourages the reader to follow the storyline with ease and read at a faster pace. I appreciate the sharing of intimate family details. This tactic is clever because it indicates that the author is truthful about her experiences and readers will readily relate to the ideas being offered. The use of subheadings is effective because it identifies the actual subject matter that is being highlighted. I believe that the basic information being shared can be geared towards boys as well. The advice is relevant and practical therefore, in my opinion, it does not have gender specific boundaries. The language used is colloquial and very easy to understand. I recommend this book to all readers, especially those who are in the process of raising children.

Reviewed for Readers' Favorite by Valerie Rouse

I dedicate this post to all mothers out there and hopefully inspire them to become better and informed parents on this Mothers' Day weekend.


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