Friday, 10 June 2016

Dangerous Device?!

Today's topic is considered a taboo one.  You don't normally hear women especially talking openly about what type of contraceptive they use or prefer.

However, I am going to be bold with this post.  Most women enjoy sexual activity. Indulging in sexual intercourse should be enjoyable and persons should also engage in a responsible manner i.e use some form of contraception.

This is vital especially if women do not want to become pregnant.  Many options are available including the IUD or intrauterine device.

Unfortunately, some women do not realize that the IUD can cause other health issues. Author Miriam Jameson was caught unawares by this phenomenon.

In her book entitled Surviving the IUD: The Genesis, Ms Jameson provided details of the ordeal she experienced by inserting an IUD.  Shouldn't there be a warning label attached to each unit sold to women just like the cigarette packets?

This memoir that I reviewed is very informative and is an eye opener for women who willingly accept contraceptive methods from various doctors and pharmacies.  I completed my analysis on 23 August 2014.  Here is my review:-

Surviving the IUD: The Genesis by author Miriam Jameson showcases her personal gynecological issues with an IUD. Ms. Jameson reveals the initial awful experience which took place in her doctor’s office. The insertion of the IUD device was so painful that Ms. Jameson passed out. She ended up having to depend on pain killers in order to get through the ordeal. This self-medication became a daily ritual for her as the pain refused to subside. She also had continuous spotting or bleeding. She went from doctor to doctor, trying to resolve the medical issues that seemed to be increasing. One doctor recommended a dermatologist; another doctor said that she should see a therapist and so on. Her frustration continued to rise. She even got a bald spot in her hair which pushed her over the edge emotionally. The end result was that she decided to remove the IUD and allow her body to heal itself. Her goal was to de-stress totally, think positively and move on with her life, supported by her husband and friends.

Surviving the IUD: The Genesis reveals a phenomenon that can happen to any female. Firstly, an IUD is a foreign object. Some women don’t have problems with them. Clearly some women have experienced the opposite. The use of open ended questions in the chapters is effective because they help the reader to feel the emotional trauma that the main character feels. Author Miriam Jameson was very descriptive in relating the saga which unfolded. This gives a realistic feel to the story. I appreciate the huge lettering of the subheadings. This conveys the swelling of emotional distress that the author felt. The language used was simple and easy to understand. I love the fact that the author was very revealing when she was expressing her feelings. This tactic is useful because any reader can identify with her ordeal and heed any relevant advice given. Surviving the IUD: The Genesis is a personal account of a traumatic episode. I recommend the book especially to all female readers. These readers might encounter a similar fate with regards to birth control devices or medication.

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