Friday, 19 August 2016

Topsy Turvy

When was the last time that you tried on your son's cricket cap or party hat?  Do you think that you are too old to do this or that it is nonsense?

Or have you carved out some time lately to sit down and watch a cartoon or funny movie with your toddler?

My aim is not to castigate anyone for not doing any of the above but
to highlight an essential element in the way we perceive our world - perspective.

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Even the tall, lanky character in the animated movie Ratatouille mentioned the importance of perspective when reviewing life in general.

If we do not take the time to see things from a different angle, we can end up jumping to the wrong conclusions. This is so true for the character Iris in the children's book by Helen Rose entitled The Upside of Iris. She has an eye defect that causes her to see the world upside down. I completed this review on 18 August 2016.  Here is my review:-

The Upside of Iris is a delightful children’s book showcasing the life of Iris who suffers from an eye defect better known as “upside-down-it is.”  According to author Helen Rose, Iris sees the world upside down.  As a result, Iris finds that she cannot climb stairs very well and avoids them like the plague.  Her sensitive nature enables her to appreciate other persons like her friend Charlie.  Charlie doesn’t speak much but he truly understands Iris’s dilemma and values her friendship.  As Ms. Rose stated, Charlie is a friend who “understands without words and accepts without questions.”  Unfortunately, Iris’s wicked twin step-sisters intervened and split up Iris and Charlie with bold faced lies.  Charlie was told that Iris had a new boyfriend and had moved on.  As fate would have it, this couple reunited later in life and their romance blossomed once again.

The Upside of Iris is a positive piece of fiction enveloping two persons with disabilities.  Author Helen Rose has tastefully merged several themes into this novel for young readers.  For example, she touched on the pervasive theme of good versus evil exemplified by the personalities of the main character and her siblings.  I love the fact that Ms. Rose placed emphasis on the reality that the heroine remained true to herself.  This is relevant in today’s world as stressful conditions can persuade some of us to switch our personalities like the clothes we wear which in turn can lead to further problems. The colorful illustrations as well as the font of the words help to make the book very appealing and encourage readers to keep turning the pages.  The positive romantic ending is also a plus. This really inspires us to look within and desire true love.  This is a lovely story and I encourage readers of all ages to indulge in this book.

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